Ermes was born in 2018 in Italy within the I3P incubator and is the result of the multi-year work of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering researchers at the Polytechnic of Turin (PoliTO).

Thanks to its innovative architecture and patented AI algorithms, Ermes’ revolutionary approach reduces your company window of exposure from days to minutes through a behavioral analysis of websites, increasing Web protection by +25% vs. Top Security Vendors and guaranteeing an effective 99% real-time protection on the Web.

Ermes has an internal research team, which also probes the dark and deep web to identify the latest x-ishing or botnet developments.

Ermes’ technology is able to act at the browser level and not at the network level and stands out in the market as a very innovative reality by using artificial intelligence to defend companies from potential intrusions and exponentially enhancing security during navigation, generating a significant savings on bandwidth consumption.

In 2023, Ermes was included by Gartner as the only vendor in Italy in the top 100 of companies that use artificial intelligence to detect and defend against attacks on company security, as well as one of the few solutions cited in Security – The Future of Enterprise Browsers, Gartner’s latest research on the new category of cybersecurity.

One Technology, Multiple Advantages

  • Guarantee to your employees an effective 99% real-time protection on the web
  • Window of exposure reduced from days to minutes: best solution in the first 24h
  • Advanced 0-Day Technology to spot new phishing websites and identify suspicious extensions
  • Risk of clicking on malicious links reduced to zero
  • Ease of use, deployment and total compatibility with other security solutions
  • Protection of all devices (PC and Mobile)
  • Simply access the Dashboard in the Cloud or Integrate with your SIEM


Ermes Browser Security Platform delivers real-time, device-wide protection against data breaches, focusing on safeguarding credentials and defending against phishing. In a digital era of heightened risks, we stand as a robust guardian for your sensitive information.

The platform is made up of 8 modules:

Browser extension portectionDetection of the malevolent extensions

Anti – tracking protection – Proactive protection from spear phishing

Custom content filtering – Filtering content based on categorization

Zero day phishing protection – Antiphishing in real time

Cyber squatting & maliciuos URLs protection – Protecting against deceptive web domains

Business credentials protection – – Business credentials usage policy enforcement

Data loss prevention – Preventing data leaks with policies

Risky profile – a dashboard in which it is possible to collect data from the other 7 modules and view: the trend of the company’s security standing on the web, the events that contribute to providing a certain level of risk and the users who have most exposed behaved to the external threats


Ermes Mobile Guardian ensures a fortified mobile experience amidst increasing cyber threats. It focuses on enhancing the security of your mobile interactions, enabling stress-free browsing and communication.



Ermes CTI integrates effortlessly to boost your security incident response. It offers clear insight into audit logs, facilitating effective team work and real-time event sharing to counter security threats.



Ermes Web Care is designed to grant safe digital engagements. In an increasingly digital world, it provides essential protection for you and your family. all while preserving the pleasures of online connectivity.