ITsMine is an Israeli company that was founded in 2017 by a group of experts aimed at offering a new, unique, proactive approach to Data Loss Prevention (DLP) that can be installed and enabled within 24 hours.

Beyond DLP, Next Generation Data Loss Prevention solution, enables organizations to proactively protect against internal and external threats, automatically. The product alerts and gives critical forensic information even after data exfiltration beyond company boundaries. ITsMine is easy to implement, meets regulatory requirements, is transparent to employees and IT teams and requires zero permanent endpoint agents.

Unlike traditional Data Loss Prevention solutions, it does not require inline network appliances or endpoint agents, which need to be upgraded several times a year and which, in case of problems, block users and reduce employee productivity.

ITsMine pillows

Minaccie interne
Data loss through employees and 3rd party partner actions happen every day. Either though mishandling of information, lack of training, or malicious intent. Beyond DLP deploys a Software Minefield to detect and track erroneous actions by users.

Data Breach Detection
According to IBM it takes on average 206 days to detect a data breach. Why? Security is focused on enforcement and prevention of infiltration. Beyond DLP using our Software Minefield technology plants disguised files acting as sensors or tripwires to detect the breach.

File GPS Tracking
Organizations now feel overly compelled to retain ownership, control, and accountability over their data. Beyond DLP can retain your ownership and track who has your file and know its whereabouts.

File-TimeBombs ™
Gives unprecedented control over data, by empowering the customer to set expiration dates for their data: meaning such data will exist for only a limited time outside of the file server. Once the expiration date has been reached, the data outside of the company’s file server will be locked and become unusable, even beyond the company boundaries.

Anti Ransomware
When a company becomes a victim, prevention is over and active protection is what’s required. Beyond DLP can detect these events and mitigate actions against the companies file storage systems.

Data Loss Prevention
Beyond DLP has created an evolutionary approach to traditional solutions. Beyond DLP focuses on easy of deployment, simple maintenance, and only alerting on true indicators of attack or exfiltration.

Beyond DLP is made up of three modules

Monitoring: Proactive Data Breach Detection based on SoftwareMines and the “Call Home” function
It allows the reporting of violations, collects data from SoftwareMine and alerts the SOC / Security Manager when a data breach event occurs. ItsMine automatically creates a HeatMap of the most critical areas where files are stored, classifying folders according to their degree of importance, based on user daily access

If a user logs into a SoftwareMine, the system automatically focuses on the user’s computer for a limited period of time.

Depending on the user’s behavior, the system actively checks whether the attack vector is external or a user within the company’s domain, and classifies the risk level of the security event. This differentiation determines the actions to be taken (i.e. whether to educate the user, block a specific activity or record what is done by the user’s PC as evidence for the SOC or the security manager).

If a user accesses confidential data, the system automatically initiates an ad hoc session for the specific user, helping and educating him to be careful with sensitive company data. The user will be notified that their activity is being logged, which includes the ability to block suspicious activity on the PC. Employee privacy is maintained in accordance with the European legislation of the GDPR.