& full outsourcing

The flexibility and the willingness to invest to be your partner, from the very beginning to globalization of your business, have always characterized us.


Thanks to our partnerships with the best hardware and software companies, the most common internet providers operating in Italy and in the world, VOIP providers, business process transformation experts, we are sure to be your only point of contact to initiate an infrastructure IT, manage it, make it grow dynamically and maintain it over time.


Our services, products, knowledge in systems, networking, cloud and our flexibility make us the best possible partner.


– Design, implementation, management and development of IT systems suitable for any need and any budget
– IT solution architect
– Performing the role of external and temporary IT Manager if necessary
– Hardware and software management
– Monitoring of the expiration of guarantees and licenses
– Monitoring of servers 24 hours a day
– Solutions for mobile devices
– Guaranteed increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of the operational processes of the customer’s corporate IT network
– All costs related to IT systems are contained in a single monthly fee