Retail IT services

RETAIL SPOCkit is a tailored IT support service from Venticento that meets the main needs of retail players for the centralized management of geographically dispersed stores. With our offices in Hong Kong, Milan and New York we guarantee service coverage all over the world.


To ensure the proper functioning of the entire infrastructure and to be able to intervene in the event of any failure, it is necessary to have a precise, integrated and timely Monitoring service on the following devices and systems:

◦ Server Windows
◦ IP telephony
◦ LAN switch
◦ Router
◦ Access point Wi-Fi
◦ Firewall / VPN
◦ Desktop Office Automation

◦ Digital Sign equipment
◦ People Counter
◦ Email System
◦ Printers
◦ Tablet
◦ Smartphone


– Remote management of support requests relating to Incident and Problem Management through a 1st and 2nd system level Operation structure for stores
– SPOC (Single Point of Contact) service and specifically:
– Multichannel (Single Telephone Number – Venticento Ticketing Portal – Email)
– Incident Management
– Priority Incident Management
– 3rd party dispatching
– Shared Service Manager
– Logistic / operational management of spare parts for critical equipment