IT Securiry

To ensure the continuity of growth and the maintenance of the level of competitiveness of companies, it is essential to invest in adequate protection from cybercrime that can come both from outside the organization as well as from inside.


Our experts guarantee the continuous supply of critical services with a view to preventing security risks and protecting customers’ IT systems against cyber attacks and intrusions.


The Venticento team is highly competent in IT security management by providing the best of breed solutions. The monitoring of the entire IT infrastructure takes place in real time and the SLAs are adapted to the customer’s needs. Entrusting us with the security management of your company means achieving the highest level of peace of mind and protection.


We use sophisticated EDR solutions to have a complete view of corporate endpoints and to monitor behaviors in real time. Any suspicious activity is analyzed by qualified personnel to improve the quality of the response to threats.


Forensic analysis, reverse engineering of malware and in-depth investigations of incidents make it possible to find out whether there is an attack that took place through a massive campaign or a targeted attack on the company.


Independently of how Active Directory services are initially configured, they are ever-changing systems. Venticento has developed its own customized software to facilitate the audit of the Active Directory and is able to produce a detailed report on the vulnerabilities present and carry out an accurate and complete assessment by solving all the criticalities found.


Phishing is the primary method of advanced cyber attacks. Hence the need to make their employees aware of the risk to which they can expose the company. Venticento makes its skills available to companies to create simulation campaigns of phishing attacks against employees and subsequently provides interactive training that will aim to raise awareness of the ways in which hackers act.


This process of analyzing the vulnerabilities present in the systems and networks of your company involves the use of the best software and subsequent production of the detailed report.
This activity is essential for the prevention of cyber attacks as well as for the awareness of the correct functioning of the corporate IT system components.
We ensure customer support even in the subsequent correction phase of the problems highlighted by this activity.