SentinelOne was founded in 2013 in California and in few years it has landed on all the main world markets.

Specialized in Endpoint security, it has invested in the introduction of artificial intelligence revolutionizing the way to protect endpoints. In 2021, 2022 and 2023 the company was recognized as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Security Management Platforms.

SentinelOne technology allows you to monitor suspicious and/or malicious behavior in real time and intervene not only by neutralizing them, but by identifying their origin and intervening with a surgical and retrospective cleaning of all the digital artifacts created by the infection – up to restoring any damage caused to files and archive on the machine.

SentinelOne Singularity XDR is the leading cloud-first security platform to protect endpoint, cloud, and identity at machine speed.  Combined EPP (Endpoint Protection Platform) ed EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) solution provides a single control plane for autonomous, AI-based prevention, detection, and response for the legacy and modern OSes found across today’s enterprises.

Singularity XDR Platform components:

Singularity Endpoint

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), a component of Singularity XDR, is built for the modern security team. Singularity EDR consolidates more capability without the complexity, enabling teams of all skill levels.

Singularity Cloud

Server/VM/Kubernetes Cloud Workload Security centrally secures virtual machines, containers, and physical servers across clouds and datacenters with unified real-time threat prevention, detection, investigation, and response without sacrificing operational performance.

Singularity Storage

Storage Sentinel for Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) buckets detects and eliminates malware & ransomware resident on cloud file storage surfaces.

Singularity Identity

Singularity Identity products encompass three major capabilities to protect against identity infrastructure misuse:

  • Singularity Ranger AD – Shrink Active Directory’s attack surface by pinpointing identity infrastructure misconfigurations and vulnerability
  • Singularity Identity – Enable real-time identity threat detection and response to guard against identity infrastructure misuse
  • Singularity Hologram – Deceive and lure in-network threat actors and insiders into revealing themselves

Skylight Analytics

Skylight Analytics is a core component of the Singularity XDR platform that unlocks the true potential of security events & forensic data through a holistic, unified workflow.

Singularity Mobile

Singularity Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) enables comprehensive, on-device, autonomous security for corporate-owned and personally-owned Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) surfaces.

Major Platform Functions:

  • Unified attack surface control, prevention, EDR, IR tools
  • Data ingestion from any source to one data lake
  • Data retention & analytics for up to 3 years
  • Open XDR ecosystem integrations
  • MDR Threat Services & Support that exceed expectations
  • Flexible management for every level operator

Singularity Improves Outcomes:

  • See, Protect, Resolve across many attack surfaces
  • Ingest data from other platforms into a unified data lake
  • Meet the needs of every level of cyber-maturity from entry level admin to sophisticated threat hunter
  • Realize more security and IT tool consolidation
  • Gain speed, scale, and security consistency across OSes
  • Accommodate any organizational hierarchy and M&A:
    – Customizable Management Hierarchy
    – Role-Based Access Control at Any Level
    – Tailored Asset; Tagging & Grouping
    – High Availability & High Scalability
    – Multi-tenant, Multi-site Architecture
    – Regional Data Localization

Singularity XDR goals:

Extended detection & response sinergies

  • Threats detected by SentinelOne/ 3rd Parties
  • XDR context, cross-correlation and 1-click remediation

Large scale security analytics

  • Ingest all Security Data (EDR, any Singularity surface, 3rd Party)
  • Powerful & flexible query language returns results at unrivaled speed
  • Query across multiple years of data & create automated alerting

Incident response

  • Rapidly deploy Singularity agents without internet access
  • Cross-platform, enterprise-wide scripting and forensic collection
  • Automate IR and bulk-data analysis

Cross – platform MITRE ATT&CK Coverage

  • Autonomous protection from more MITRE categories than any other vendor
  • Correlate across Storyline™, ATT&CK & threat intelligence
  • Coverage for Endpoints, Cloud, Mobile, Identity and beyond

Attack surface risk reduction

  • Autonomous discovery of unmanaged devices and AD exposures
  • Remote UEM capabilities at scale
  • Full app version visibility; Strong vulnerability and patching integrations