Magnet dashboard

Magnet dashboard is a management dashboard owned by Venticento, developed to help IT managers to have a full view of what is happening in the system in real time.


Each infrastructural system has its own management interface, in a place different from the others, with its own access data and operating logic: with these tools it is not possible to have a single, centralized view of the main information.


Magnet Dashboard is a web-based tool integrated with Office 365 that monitors the main indicators of the correct functioning of the main corporate infrastructure systems. It exposes the information coming from these sources in a uniform way, in one place, in two level detailing:

Synthetic: to view the main indicators and to have an immediate perception of the status of the services in a single pane of glass

Analytical: to drill down on the details of the status of the individual service


Connectors developed with different technologies are extracting data from information sources, feeding a centralized SQL Server database, on which we have designed lean and uniform graphical interfaces in Power BI that publish data on Office 365.


In general, it is possible to develop a connector for any service that can be interrugged via code.

To date, connectors are already available for:
• Active Directory
• Monitoring services
• Backup services
• File Server
• Antivirus
• Helpdesk Software
• Asset management Software
• Vulnerability assessment services
• Patching services