Cyberint fuses threat intelligence with attack surface management, providing organizations with extensive integrated visibility into their external risk exposure. Leveraging autonomous discovery of all external-facing assets, coupled with open, deep & dark web intelligence, the solution allows cybersecurity teams to uncover their most relevant known and unknown digital risks – earlier.

Cyberint’s Argos Edge™ is a SaaS-based Digital Risk Protection (DRP) platform that enables security leaders and security teams to identify and address anyexisting cyber risk exposures coming from beyond the traditional security perimeters.

Argos provides open, deep, and dark web intelligence tailored to your attack surface.

This means hyper-relevant intel that enables focus: working smarter, with less noise – minimizing false-positives, eliminating alert-fatigue, and delivering better understanding and protection against your most relevant known and unknown risks.

Highlights of Cyberint platform:

Attack Surface Monitoring: Proactively discover, monitor and protect your organization’s digital surface. Control your presence in the digital environment with Argos EdgeTM. Attack Surface Monitoring’s critical two components:

  • Discovery and scanning

Continuously uncover and map all externally-facing assets. Scan for issuesand vulnerabilities threatening to harm your organization.

  • Management

Fine-tuning and prioritizing all assets discovered to allow for optimal handling and management. Continuously monitor for new issue



Threat Intelligence: Get real-time, actionable cyber intelligence.

Gain insights of threats from the ever-growing list of sources, such as open, deep & dark web, chatters, social media, and more.

Argos Edge™, with real-time monitoring, collects millions of intelligence indicators per day to detect thousands of threat sources. Using Cyberint’s proprietary machine learning algorithm, you can automatically correlate raw intelligence items with your organization’s assets, prioritize threats according to their potential risk and impact, and save your organization time and resources.


Deep & Dark Web: Entrench yourself in threat actor communities and underground marketplaces.

Cyberint helps access top-tier sources in the dark web. The solution collects and analyzes data from elusive web sources that most other companies cannot penetrate. Then enrich an automated collection with a human approach, through research and analysis of the expert team.




Phishing Detection: Proactively detect phishing sites before the damage is done.

Argos Edge™ uses multiple methods to identify potential phishing attacks, including: monitoring newly registered domains, phishing repositories, phishing kits, phishing emails, traffic monitoring, and more to ensure fast and effective detection.



Forensic Canvas: Uncover what lies beneath.

Forensic Canvas is a tool that allows a deep dive into the attributes of specific entities and further investigation into all aspects of IOCs and threat actors. It does so by creating correlations and smart connections with the click of a button to get from a single entity to an entire attack infrastructure and to the attacker behind it.


Brand and Social Media Monitoring: Identify impersonations and circumvent damage.

Social media is a prime target to phishing attacks, that use it to impersonate executives or a specific brand to execute fraud and spread misinformation. Cyberint continuously monitors social media sites, providing VIP protection and identifying threat actor mentions and data leaks – proactively mitigating online threats to the company and preventing the loss of account credentials and violations of customer trust.


Dashboards & Reports: Gain a 360 holistic view.

Cyberint’s dashboard presents a high-level view of the customer’s current status and items of interest such as alerts, reports and discovered assets. It is intended to be used as an operational tool by analyst team members. The dashboards serve the company’s need for alert handling and monitoring trends over time.