BrandShield provides brand-oriented digital risk protection solutions.

The company detects and takes down online scams, phishing attacks, social media impersonations, counterfeit sales, trademark infringement, and other risks to brands in websites, social media, marketplaces, mobile apps and paid ads.
BrandShield’s suite of proprietary AI/ML powered technology works by detecting potential threats, analyzing them, prioritizing them and then taking them down.
The technology uses big data and algorithms to find networks of fraudulent online activity and clusters of counterfeits.
BrandShield’s holistic and proactive approach prevents, detects and fights external digital risks, where fraudsters focus their efforts today in the social media age.
Takedowns are performed by BrandShield’s in-house online hunting and enforcement team consisting mostly of qualified lawyers with experience in IP law.

Brandshield’s products:

Brand Oriented Digital Risk Protection: enables companies to identify and protect themselves from fraud and data leakage that happen outside their firewall, beyond their reach. Detect and take down web fraud, social media impersonation, phishing attacks, cybersquatting, fraud networks, and more. It includes:
– Brand Protection
– Social Media Impersonation Protection
– Actionable Threat Intelligence

Brand Protection: software that guards against risks like product listings, websites, and social media that infringe on your intellectual property, sell counterfeit products and commit other online scams. It prevents following damages:
– Revenue loss
– Legal liability
– Decreased market share
– Reputation loss
– Eroded pricing power
– Damage to distributor relations

Trademark Infringement is a huge concern for most brands. Scammers have developed several methods – such as domain name, copyright infringement, metacode and content infringements – to scam brands and customers using trademark infringement. With BrandShield Trademark Infringement Protection you will reach the following benefits:
– Increased Revenues
– Logo Recognition
– Increased Reputation
– Complete Risk Map
– Detect Scam Clusters
– Multi-Layered Solution

Executive Impersonation detects employee impersonation in every digital platform. It connects the dots to find impersonation clusters with advanced social engineering analysis capabilities. Whether it’s C-level impersonation or any other employee impersonation, if you do not detect and remove them you are exposed to phishing, customer fraud, information leakage, counterfeit distribution, reputation decrease, misrepresentation of the company to customers, partners and employees.

Anti-Counterfeiting Solution crawling and scraping capabilities enable the system to automatically cover hundreds of marketplaces and online platforms, and our experienced enforcement managers, all with IP legal education and knowledge, tailor your takedown suit based on your industry and online problems, to promise fast takedowns with high success rates (>98%).

Anti-Phishing Solutions provides a complete digital threat map, by monitoring the Internet including social media to detect phishing sites and pages, impersonation and online fraud. Our takedown services are efficient and quick, transparent to you at any time from the system’s dashboard. Be in control with periodical reports on your takedowns and enforcement efforts.

Social Media Fraud
Social media is everywhere today. Your company pages sell or communicate with customers, providers and partners, personal employee/customer accounts or official C-Level pages. They are all targets for social fraud.
Monitor social media networks to detect C-level impersonation or phishing accounts, and remove them before they are used to lure employees to provide personal or sensitive data like credentials to your networks, or to provide new fake payment details to a partner or even to create a scandal using your name.

Paid Ad Protection
Bad actors have been exploiting the long tail Pay-Per-Click ads almost from the very first day. Trademarks and brand name abuse in PPC ads and social media ads is increasing by the day.
BrandShield scans any search term of your choice on Google and Bing, and major social media advertisement, monitors for this brand 24/7, and provides detailed reports of PPC ads that abuse or misuse your brands or trademarks. Know who is advertising when they advertise and where they lead the customer, and take the abuse down!